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Hoffman Associates was founded by John Eickoff in 1987 and has helped thousands of people Nationwide with successful Tax and Estate Planning for the last 33 years. After being successful in the farming industry, John knew there had to be a way to help other farmers wanting to sell their properties, but facing high levels of capital gains taxes. After many years of research and structuring- John and his team created several proprietary, tax compliant solutions that helped mitigate capital gains and estate taxes completely. Hoffman Associates has created successful strategies for deals Nationwide from $1M to $780M and helped save their clients hundreds of millions of dollars. Their services have been featured in publications such as Seattle Business, MontanaLand Magazine, The Progressive Farmer and The Land Report. 

For the last 30 years, Hoffman Associates has specialized in successfully eliminating Capital Gains Taxes on:

-Land Sales

-Estate Sales

-C-Corp and S-Corp Sales

-Farm Sales

-Yacht Sales

-Mineral Sales

-Livestock and Cattle Sales 

-Large Portfolio Sales

Hoffman Associates brings value in several ways to those we serve. As global estate planning advisers, the information, training, consultation, products and services we offer provide several types of estate planning and administrative assistance:

-Keep you in control of your assets

-No Estate Taxes

-No Life Insurance required

-No 1031s required

-Able to help eliminate income taxes (in certain situations)

-Connections, tools, and resources

Hoffman Associates is a business built to facilitate Congress’s intent to:

-Encourage commercial transactions and maximize property applications for highest use

-Strengthen families

-Manage and protect income-producing assets in ways that reduce tax burdens and increase cash flow

We can help you manage your investment properties and, when needed, resell those properties to impact:

-Taxes and profits



-Opportunity cost and potential

-Retirement security

-Family well-being


-Asset Protection